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Downton Stills

Downton Abbey Icontest of Awesome
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A Downton Abbey Icontest of Awesome

A weekly icontest for Downton Abbey
Hello, welcome to downton_stills, LiveJournals first still community for Downton Abbey! Inside you'll find weekly challenges based around the series. The types of challenges will vary; there will be some episode challenges, character challenges, themed challenges, technical challenges, etc. Feel free to suggest a challenge as well :)

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to send me a message.

- Submit up to 5 icons per challenge
- Icons must 100x100 and less than 40k
- Animation not allowed
- Icons must be in .png or .jpg
- Icons must be new and not be posted until after the results
- Comment with icon and url
- Don't forget to have fun!

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